Lípa Resort - page 4

1. 100g Game pâte with plums marinated in Cognac
55 Kč
2. 80g Marinated salmon Gravlax served on herb pancakes
75 Kč
3. 0,33l Beef consommé with julienne vegetables and homemade egg noodles
35 Kč
4. 0,33l Traditional creamy dill soup with quail egg and grilled mushroom
39 Kč
150g Pot roasted beef cheeks with root vegetables and red wine served with potato purée infused
with fresh rosemary
165 Kč
250g Duck leg confit with almonds, served with steamed red cabbage and homemade gingerbread
175 Kč
7. 220g Chicken suprême with ratatouille
165 Kč
8. 200g Chicken breast filled with leaf spinach, topped with thyme butter
155 Kč
9. 300g Grilled pork neck served with onion marmelade
165 Kč
10. 200g Grilled pork fillet with plum sauce, with dried plums and bacon skewers
160 Kč
11. 300g Eye round steak
240 Kč
12. 300g Flank steak
240 Kč
steaks are served with condiment of your choice:
- garlic butter with herbs
- creamy sauce with mushrooms
- creamy pepper sauce
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