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Поездки вы можете наметить в нашем ЭОП пространстве в блоке B Апартотеля Липа ..

The most beautiful trip 1
To the Prussian Camp and Brtnický hrádek castle ruin

The route leads to the Prussian Camp, a hideout dating from the wars. We visit Brtnický hrádek with its views of the wooded valley. We descend to the River Křinice and continue to the border, where the Zadní Doubice settlement used to stand. We return to Brtníky along Brtnický stream and its beautiful valley. Souvenir gifts are available for purchase at the Amethyst Gallery with its fascinating exhibition of photographs, minerals and gems..
Route length: 14 км , перепад высот около 140 м
Route difficulty: лёкий, иногда скалистые ступени и короткая лестница.

The most beautiful trip 2
To crystal streams, long views and picturesque cottages

We walk through Kyjov Valley with its cliffs at the River Křinice. In the winter the route is bordered with colourful icefalls and there is the added attraction of the ice decorations at Jeskyně víl (Fairy Cave). Next we pass through the picturesque valley of the Panský potok stream and from Brtník we arrive at Vlčí hora – from the stone observation tower rising above the beech forest we have the entire landscape in our palm. We visit the Nobilis Tilia tearoom in the village then walk down to Kyjov through Dlouhý dol with its picturesque cottages. .
Route start and end: парковки в Киёве или на Волчьей Горе
Route length: 16 км, перепад высот около 280 м
Route difficulty: умеренная , короткий подъем около 150 м на Волчью гору

The most beautiful trip 3
Секрет Киёвского замка и лабиринт скалистых ущелий

The route takes us through meadows with beautiful views at Kamenná horka, while at Kyjov we visit the rocky ridges near Kyjov Castle and walk through Kyjov Valley with the beautiful canyon of the River Křinice. From Křinice we climb to Doubická cesta and continue past the Doubická vápenka nature reserve for a comfortable return to Krásná Lípa. .
Route start and end: Красна Липа площадь
Route length:
Route difficulty: от лёгкой до умеренной, скалы и лестница

The most beautiful trip 4
К птичьему заповеднику Большой Пруд и к смотровой башне Едлова

We walk through orchid meadows to the Velký rybník bird sanctuary. Here we can observe rare birds such as white-tailed eagles, herons and cranes. From Jiřetín pod Jedlovou we climb over the famous Křížová hora ridge to Jedlová (774 m), the highest peak in the area – from the observation tower we can see the whole of Bohemian Switzerland as well as the Lusatian Mountains. We then return via Rybniště back to Krasná Lípa
Route start and end: Красна Липа площадь
Route length: полный рабочий день , 25 км, с перепадом высот около 380 метров

The most beautiful trip 5
К Етршиховицким видам и Разбойничьему замку

The spectacular views from the Mariina and Vilemínina vyhlídka vantage points are our reward for the steep climbs and descents. We walk through the Purkartický beech forest to at Rudolfově kameni, the most romantic vantage point in Bohemian Switzerland. We pass Goliště to arrive at the Loupežnický hrádek (Šaunštejn) castle ruin and end our trip at Vysoká Lípa or Jetřichovice. Hardy tourists can go via Dolsky mlýn and along Jetřichovické Bělé. .
Route start and end: маршрута:Етршиховицe , маршрут можно закончить в Высокой Липе
Route length: полный рабочий день, 20 км, с перепадом высот около 260 м
Route difficulty: трудный, с крутой спусками и ступенями