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Face and neck massage

We have a tremendous amount of nerve receptor on our face. Facial massage thus affects not only the nervous system but also the whole body.

Unlike other body parts, the muscles in the face are attached to the skin. Our face reflects moods and emotions. Stress and tension can have a devastating effect on our appearance, the muscles stretch, causing a tough expression. Massage releases this tension and softens the face.


Amma massage

It is based on traditional Japanese massage. The client is massaged through light loose clothing, while kneeling on a portable massage chair – a kneeling chair.

Through stimulation of points along the meridians on the neck, arms, hands and head, the masseur gradually relaxes and stimulates the client with new energy at once.

It leads to significant relaxation of blockages in the spine and neck areas. New vital energy is flowing through the body; harmonic feelings and pleasant relaxation is induced.

Contraindications (when not recommended)

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • People who cannot kneel for medical reasons
  • Acute feverish diseases
  • Pregnancy


Breuss spinal massage

The procedure of the Breuss method lies in intense rubbing-in of St. John's wort along the whole length of the spine. The oil causes that intervertebral discs “swell” and vertebrae better aligns in good positions.

Consequently, the vertebral tissue is oxygenated, harmful substances are washed away through blood and nerve fibres going from the spine are stimulated.

The whole spine is regenerated more easily and mobility of the organism is extended.

The massage is very gentle, and among other, it result in removing of deeply hidden psychic problems.

No contraindications are known.


Aromatherapy with relaxing massage

A therapeutic treatment that promotes health, relieves stress and stress, strengthens the body's immunity and harmonizes physical and mental processes. It uses the properties of natural essential oils (essential oils) and acts both preventively and in acute conditions. There are two ways in which essential oils (essential oils) affect the human body: inhalation and massage.

The beginnings of the use of aromatic plants date back more than 4000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, they made fragrances that they used as perfumes or added them to fragrant ointments in a simple way (first by pressing, then by primitive distillation). The ointments first used Pharaohs and High Priests, later spread among the ordinary people in the form of cosmetics, massage oils, and medicines. Essential oils have been used to treat mental and physical health disorders as well.


Massage with lava stones

Lava stone massage is an ancient, mythical Chinese massage, the first records about it come from China, 2000 years BC.

In contrast to the classic, regenerative or relaxing massage, we have experienced a very rapid psychological relaxation and relaxation. The stones are heated in a water bath at a temperature of 40-50 ° C, then warm to the body. At the same time, massage of individual parts of the body with hot oil and two larger stones that are held in the palm of your hand.


Anti-cellulite massage + ozone pack

It is deep massaging of problematic parts of thighs and buttocks using a special massaging product which contains active ozone. Ozone has stimulating effect on all cells in the human body. The massage not only influences muscles but the deep blood and lymphatic system as well. Massage touches have effect on better absorption of fat and on detoxification.

The ideal cure includes three therapies, each lasting for one hour.

This massage can be used as a single cure if your legs are heavy or swollen after a hard day. It relieves them from pain and makes them lighter.

Contraindications (when not recommended)

  • Infectious disease
  • Inflammation
  • Varicose veins or vascular disease


Shiatsu massage

When coming for a Shiatsu massage, please put on comfortable clothes, since you do not take it off like when coming for a classical massage. You will do with something covering the whole body - leggings or a tracksuit and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

What is Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing method based on traditional Chinese medicine. It belongs among massage techniques, but goes by far beyond the scope of the massage. In translation, shiatsu means finger pressure. Using the pressure of the thumbs, fingers and palms, but also knees, elbows or feet on the appropriate points on the body restores the energy balance of the body. The aim of shiatsu is to promote the process of self-healing and personal growth through balancing the Qi energy in the body. Physically- mental well-being of a person as the unity of body, mind and soul depends on the harmonious flow of this energy. Shiatsu massage increases personality awareness and sensitivity, and releases tension. It supports and nourishes vitality.

The massage is deeply relaxing and strengthening and refreshing at the same time. It can also help people who are undergoing a crisis, a difficult period or a change process. People dedicated to shiatsu disagree with the simplified interpretation that they are able to heal.

What may be treated?

Shiatsu massages are an excellent prevention of various civilisation diseases, expedite the convalescence after an illness or operation, alleviate side effects of some medical procedures (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) or can help in pregnancy (stabilize the after-effects of hormonal oscillations, prevent backaches, varicose veins, and mainly stimulate a closer contact of the mother and the foetus ). The massages help at total fatigue and stress, allergies, breathing disorders, and eliminate and alleviate various types of pains – back, neck. They are recommended for regeneration of sportsmen and for total reinforcement of blood circulation. They can alleviate gastrointestinal disorders.

Shiatsu can work very well where other means of treatment do not work or work only very slowly, where the cause of the disorder is unclear or undetectable by conventional means. It is effective at psychosomatic ailments, when you do not know “where they actually come from", whether it is a problem of the organ, musculoskeletal, nervous or psychological origin, at so-called ambiguous disorders, and in the supportive treatment of practically all mental illnesses.