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Penzion Lípa has its own, newly appointed restaurant with pleasant seating in the tranquil setting of Krásná Lípa’s city centre. Historical elements like double windows, arched ceilings and walls along with professional lighting in the entire room intensify the charming atmosphere of the space and the historical character of the building.

Do you enjoy home cooking? How about fresh bread rolls from the local bakery? Or would you perhaps fancy a genuine home-made dessert? At our restaurant, we will do everything to make you feel true holiday or home comfort.

An unmistakable pairing with any pastry or dessert is real 100% Arabica coffee, which harmoniously complements and finishes the feelings evoked by the pastry. Various types of coffee such as espresso, latte macchiato and iced coffee are prepared swiftly and in superior quality using a renowned Brasilia brand machine. Indulge in the unique aroma, foam and flavour and succumb to the coffee temptation!
And for those whose best drinking friend during vacation or when spending time with friends is the foamy beverage known as beer, we offer Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and non-alcoholic Birell.
As for soft drinks, we offer the usual assortment ranging from juices to mineral water to tea, not forgetting the popular Czech Kofola and more.
The modern kitchen is fully appointed in stainless steel with the modern appliances, which are capable of quickly and reliably satisfying the requirements of a single customer or an entire group. We are ready to fulfil your wishes!