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Joy and excitement. Those are the foundations we’ve built on and we want to share them with you. Everything we do is for your happiness, so come and let’s share one of life’s greatest feelings. It is a joy for us to welcome you over and over again.

If you were to ask yourself how and where you want to spend your free time, your holiday – time that is intended for your rest and relaxation, then where would that special place be? Who with? And why?

Perhaps your answer would be – where I feel joy, life, closeness and belonging to nature, a place where I find myself now, where I feel interconnected with the local culture. And when I leave this place, I actually don’t feel all that sad, because I know I will be welcomed back with open arms whenever I return. And you will want to keep coming back – to the place you take a piece away with you when you return home.

You have taken a bit of that joy with you in your heart, which will bring brightness to the reality of an ordinary day. Joy, which you have concealed deep inside and even though you want to share that feeling with someone, it is unseizable, unsharable and inexpressable. It is something that is in you and that will immediately come to life when you decide to return to those places.

Upon your arrival, take a deep breath and look forward to our warm welcome in a place far from the bustling city. Forget about the outside world and immerse yourself in the landscape, local culture and genius loci, and make tranquility your priority. A visit to Krasna Lipa is unique because it is among one of few destinations in the Czech Republic that are yet to be discovered by man. Just as Switzerland is inherently linked with cheese, chocolate, watches or banks, the same applies to Bohemian Switzerland and Krasna Lipa is the “Saint Moritz” of Bohemia, where you can spend your time peacefully and freely “lost” right in the heart of unspoiled nature.