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Face and neck massage

We have a tremendous amount of nerve receptor on our face. Facial massage thus affects not only the nervous system but also the whole body.

Unlike other body parts, the muscles in the face are attached to the skin. Our face reflects moods and emotions. Stress and tension can have a devastating effect on our appearance, the muscles stretch, causing a tough expression. Massage releases this tension and softens the face.

Aromatherapy with relaxing massage

A therapeutic treatment that promotes health, relieves stress and stress, strengthens the body's immunity and harmonizes physical and mental processes. It uses the properties of natural essential oils (essential oils) and acts both preventively and in acute conditions. There are two ways in which essential oils (essential oils) affect the human body: inhalation and massage.

The beginnings of the use of aromatic plants date back more than 4000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, they made fragrances that they used as perfumes or added them to fragrant ointments in a simple way (first by pressing, then by primitive distillation). The ointments first used Pharaohs and High Priests, later spread among the ordinary people in the form of cosmetics, massage oils, and medicines. Essential oils have been used to treat mental and physical health disorders as well.

Massage with lava stones

Lava stone massage is an ancient, mythical Chinese massage, the first records about it come from China, 2000 years BC.

In contrast to the classic, regenerative or relaxing massage, we have experienced a very rapid psychological relaxation and relaxation. The stones are heated in a water bath at a temperature of 40-50 ° C, then warm to the body. At the same time, massage of individual parts of the body with hot oil and two larger stones that are held in the palm of your hand.