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Tip for a trip

The Cave of Fairies

A rock overhang and underground space in the hillside on the right bank of the Krinice Stream in Kyjov Valley. Under favourable climate conditions, it transforms into a magical place with ice formations in winter.

Wolf’s Mountain

Basalt rock is scattered about on top with columnar breakdown in areas. The columns contain a significant amount of loadstone causing compass needles to deflect. There is an observation tower on top and the spring Veronica is found at its foothill.

Kyjov Valley

A part of the rocky canyon of the Krinice Stream lined with a gorge, where rock formations and climbing towers are found. There are also ruins of three medieval castles in the valley.


A basalt peak covered with forest and topped with an observation tower from 1896. There is a restaurant just below the peak.


State nature reserve which is interesting mainly from the geological aspect and botanical as well. There are islets of Jurassic limestone here, which occur nowhere else in the country.