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Untouched nature

What makes one place different from another? Mainly the natural environment gives a place its basic characteristics. When it comes to Krasna Lipa, it is water, air and rocks – undoubtedly creating one of a kind location in the world. Respect to nature, cultural heritage. The confidence of its design concept. The role of workmanship as a backdrop for nature stays in mind. In this place, respect for nature, cultural heritage and a primal sense of its design comes naturally.

Krasna Lipa remains one of our best kept secrets. It is a place that is completely different from the popular and busy tourist centres of Czech mountains and valleys. The place has an unusual magic about it that you not only see but feel as well. It is a place that will engage all of your senses. It is considered to be one of the most photogenic places in the country.

Here you will discover the spirit of a place that has been blessed with more than just a visual feast for the eyes. It can be refreshing or calming to discover the genius loci of the entire landscape. Water, air, forest and rocks. The variety of colours and shades. Krasna Lipa is the gateway to Bohemian Switzerland, the youngest of our national parks, and also lies on the boundary of the mysterious Lusatian Mountains. Bohemian Switzerland is a unique rock town that was created millions of years ago, thus setting the stage for a diversity of fauna and flora. Stunning rocky ridges, canyons, sandstone towers and mesas tower above the endless sea of forest growth.

At first glance the Lusatian Mountains conceal their charm and come across as modest and discreet. An unprecedented diversity of flowering meadows, the scent of pine, grand beeches, basalt organs, Nordic atmosphere of winter, hand-painted tiles at the butcher’s, renowned goat cheese or rowanberry brandy. Take a break and sample everything the local region offers.