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Genius Loci

Genius loci is more than the character of the landscape. Perhaps the best definition is the “spirit o f the place”, because it is something we are not able to name but something that keeps drawing us back. The genius loci concept can seem magical and fleeting but in fact it is one of the most powerful essences of the entire landscape.

Our entire approach was inspired by the spirit of the place. We tried to understand the affect our surroundings had on us. It all came about out of more than just a desire to express something. We wanted to support feelings, emotions and inner growth, which are all important for physical, social and psychological well-being, all the way down to the inner roots of individuality.

The spirit of the place is not the poetic conception of romantics, but the way a place works and affects our bodies, how it organizes our work and feelings. The same as a change in environment while on holiday helps relieve us of stress, our everyday surroundings can give us energy, balance moods, decrease the feeling of tension and inspire or motivate us. Places even have the power to give us a sense of security and help us take our roots. We wanted to create a place where people feel like they belong, a place that belongs to where it is, and buildings that belong to this place and serve to meet the needs of those living in them.

The story of this place begins millions of years ago, when a shallow sea spread across the area we now know as Bohemian Switzerland. After the dereliction of the sea, its sandy bottom gave rise to the wondrous world of sandstone.

The world of rock towers, bridges and gateways, a world of quizzical rock formations, which look like a honeycomb or hourglass. However, the rock kingdom is not a kingdom of dead rock but also home to the rarest fauna and most remarkable plants.